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Your system of record for project requirements

While development teams rely overwhelmingly on JIRA software to manage functional requirements and user stories during sprints, the activities carried out during project initiation are focused more on business processes decomposition and stakeholder relationship management.
To fill in this gap, we use a CRM that fully integrates with JIRA software and modelling tools as a system of record for requirements throughout the entire project (Project Initiation + Scrum).
Leveraging on the out-of-the-box features of the CRM, we have customized it to support seven additional modules that are specific to Project BA Management and Requirements Management. These specialized enhancements, together with our integrations with JIRA software and Modelio, offer a depth of features that support business analysis activities in the context of any methodology (ITIL®; SCRUM, SAFE®, Waterfall, etc
We have made Leverforce available to our clients as a SAAS instance built on the vtigerCRM 7 open source platform.
Our customized module lets the BA analyze, synthesize, and refine elicitation results into requirements for a project
Use Cases
BAs can draft Use Cases and associate them to project goals or they can model them in use case diagrams and import them automatically from the Modelio UML tool
The BA uses the Leverforce story module to raise JIRA stories through the CRM-JIRA integration, establishing traceability to requirements automatically
Project Goal
The Project Goal module can be used to articulate the business needs that drive the change and the value realization that is intended with the project.
The Stakeholder module makes it easy to assign project roles to contacts from the CRM standard module, offering the BA an easy view of who is who in the project, their responsibilities, expectations, and rules of engagement
The KPI module can be used to define and associate performance measures (KPI) to a project goal and to carry out assessments of solutions already delivered.
Import Models from EA Sparx
Create your stories in JIRA
AI reads from your Modelio UML Models